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Fun & family friendly movies for Halloween

Fun & family friendly movies for Halloween
30th October 2018 Laura Griffin
In Ideas & Inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner, the children are off school and its cold outside. Keep your whole family happy with these fun, friendly Halloween movies!

Hocus Pocus

Max and Dani move to Salem with their parents. Max is not happy with his move. Its Halloween and in his new school they learn about the tale of the Sanderson sisters. Max is very sceptical about this myth and decides to do some investigating himself on Halloween. Accidentally, he unleashes the spirits of the Sanderson sisters and they cause havoc throughout Salem. Its down to Max, Dani and Allison to put them back where they belong.


Who hasn’t heard about this sweet and friendly ghost? Casper wants to find a friend, so he can no longer be alone. He is different from all the other evil demons. Casper makes friends with a little girl Kat and her father, Harvey. He needs to help them with all the dangers along the way. This is a good family film to watch!

Toy Story Terror!

Bonnie Anderson and her mum are going on a road trip to go and visit Bonnies grandmother. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Mr. Prickle pants and Trixie are watching a black-and-white vampire movie on a portable DVD player in the car trunk. The car gets a flat tyre and they all must stay at the sleep well mortal for the night. One of the toys go missing but luckily there are plenty of them there to lead a search party.

Monster House

This film is about a house in an ordinary neighbour hood that is haunted. A little girl stops outside an old house while riding on her tricycle. An old man named Nebbercracker comes outside and throws her off the lawn. He breaks the bicycle into pieces.  A Little boy named DJ see’s everything that is going on. After the incident, his friend chowder comes to visit. They both were playing basketball and then the ball bounced into the garden of the old house. DJ goes to get it. e is confronted by Nebbercracker, who has a heart attack and dies. The house is not happy


The 16-year-old girl Sarah has been forced to baby sit her baby brother toby. While being at home, toby will not stop crying so Sarah wishes that her brother will be taken by the Goblin king. After a couple of seconds of her saying that he stopped crying. She looked back in the baby’s cradle and leans that her wish had happened. She has been given 13 hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother.

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