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Huge fines for families for children who miss school!

Huge fines for families for children who miss school!
15th March 2018 Laura Griffin
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Parents across the UK fined £24m for truancy and term time holidays – What’s your thoughts?

It has been published today that parents in the UK have been fined £24m for truancy and holidays taken in term time. I find this figure particularly shocking having five children in my family that would potentially miss school if we were to take them holiday. That’s a lot of money for me to pay out in fines on top of the cost of the holiday. I don’t think it’s a secret that the cost of holidays increase significantly when schools close for the holidays which can make it almost impossible for families to go on holiday outside of term time, so does that mean holiday companies need to re-evaluate their prices and stop trying to cash in on times of the year that are in demand?

Someone interviewed expressed that he had budgeted for the fine as it was a lot cheaper than the £3500 price difference if he were to take his family away in the school holidays.

At what point will it be acceptable to take your family away in term time if at all?

I am on the fence in regards to truancy fines as to be fair in some cases the parents aren’t aware that their child is skipping school! I remember my older sister getting caught by mum skipping school once (after that I was wise enough not to even try! I never had one unauthorised day in 6 years!!) Only for my mum to later find out it was a regular thing and my sister had been posing as her writing notes and making telephone calls! Now in our day parents are able to email the school or leave voice messages to notify them of their child’s absence which could potentially make it easier for pupils to have the odd day off unbeknown to their parents.

Where is the line drawn? Do we allow the school to punish the child, should the parent or do we just expect a fine in the post and hope it doesn’t happen again? No matter what angle parents take when it comes to their child’s education there’s always something we’re doing wrong.

I didn’t read with my son all week because he wanted to go and play with his friends after school and by the time he’s eaten and been bathed its bedtime, and if I’m honest I didn’t miss Biff, Chip or Kipper so does that make me a bad parent? Should I be fined, after all isn’t not reading with him getting in the way of him learning?

In my opinion children should grow up making memories… good memories and penalising them by taking away their possibility of a holiday once a year doesn’t allow them to do that. Surely common sense comes in to play. Check with the schools for national test dates and exams, anything outside of that in my opinion isn’t necessarily going to interfere with their learning, but again that’s just my opinion!!!


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