Solar Buddies - The child friendly sunscreen applicators


Here, you'll find all the information you need to take the first steps in being a Solar Buddies supplier.

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Solar Buddies is a patented product that has been created out of a need by parents for children, helping them apply sunscreen whilst in school independently. They are the only product of its kind and have been designed specifically for small hands. Solar Buddies now help alleviate the “no touch policies” that are in place at most schools, where teachers are unable to assist the children in this process.

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What are the benefits to retailers.

No cannibalisation of existing products.

Additional revenue as oppose to subsidising existing revenue.

Always thinking of customers needs with change.

Unique brand & product positioning.


The problems and the solutions.

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What were the problems identified?

There is lots of mess – The child had no control over the amount released.

There are many different skin types – There was a lot of waste.

What solutions were found?

The child now had control – There is a form of independance.

There is less mess – There isn’t any waste.

They are easy for small hands to use – They can be used with any sunscreen.

They are refillable – There is a space for the Solar Buddie to labelled with a childs name.

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Solar Buddies in action.

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Here's a selection of products that would look great on your shelves

We have a range of packaging and POS display options to fit your retail space. Call us for more information and prices.


Single applicator
RRP £7.00

Single applicator with replacement head
RRP £8.50

2 applicators with 2 replacement heads
RRP £16.00

Got a question?

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Alternatively, please contact Kelli & Laura on:

telephone: 0800 1777 116 email:

Solar Buddies – Chapel Street, Pontnewydd, Cwmbran, Torfaen, South Wales NP44 1DL

VAT registration number : 277907455 Company number: 09191736