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Things are hotting up!

Things are hotting up!
13th July 2018 Laura Griffin
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It’s not very often we have sun here in the UK, and when we do… we go all out! Everyone across this great country unites in a shared love of beach trips, beer gardens and barbeques, and there’s little talked about except the glorious weather and how long it will last.

The top things you will overhear during British summer:

1) I don’t need to wear sun cream, I never even burn *gets severely sunburnt*

2) If this keeps up, we won’t even need to go on holiday – we’ve got all we need right here!

3) Sun’s out, guns out.

4) It MUST be illegal to work in this kind of heat, somebody check Google!!

The Solar Buddies family love getting out in the sun as much as anyone (as do our kids!), but while we’re out  catching the rays and enjoying this rare moment of warmth we always try to spread a message to parents and sun-worshippers everywhere, and that message is simple: stay safe!

If you do a few simple things to stay protected in the sun, your body will definitely reward you. Just imagine it… no painful sunburn, no tee shirt tan, and no sleepless nights after the sheer burning heat of your skin has kept you awake for hours on end.

To make sure that you and your little ones are safe in the sun:

  • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you head outside
  • Choose a good factor (minimum SPF 30) which is water resistant and has both UVA / UVB protection
  • Reapply cream every 2 hours regardless of the daily recommendations on the bottle
  • Cover all exposed areas and don’t forget places like the back of neck, back of knees, tops of ears, nose and scalp
  • Make sure you’re suited up with a hat, sunnies and plenty of water to stay hydrated and cool
  • Lastly, don’t overdo it – try to get some shade during the hottest parts of the day, usually between 11am – 3pm


The steps to sun safety are simple, but let’s be honest, the mark of an unexpected sunny day in Britain is a wave of people coming in to work and school the following day with a lobster red back and a sheepish look on their faces.

And that’s the problem with the weather on our lovely little island – you never do know what to expect. So make sure you’re always packing! Solar Buddies are convenient and compact so that you can take them about with you wherever you go – no risk of bottles exploding and no heavy liquids weighing your bag down.

It looks like we’re having another few weeks of beautiful sunshine as the UK heatwave continues (thank heavens!) and so as long as you follow the easy guidelines above, you should be golden.

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