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Meet Laura & Kelli

Meet Laura & Kelli, the creators of the Solar Buddies. They were inspired to design a product that enabled children to apply sunscreen easily and mess free.


Recommended usage

Here you’ll find some of our handy tips and recommended usage to make the most of your Solar Buddies and ensure you’re protected from the sun.


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What's great about Solar Buddies?

The Solar Buddies applicators are unique because they have been designed specifically for use by children. They are a refillable applicator that allows you to use a sunscreen of your choice.

The shape of the bottle is chunky so it is easier for children to grip; with it’s sponge and rollerball partnership it allows for easy coverage with less mess and no waste due to it’s controlled flow and that means no more messy hands!

The Solar Buddies are also a great sun safe teaching tool to allow your children to understand the importance of protecting their skin. We always recommend adult supervision when your child is applying their own sunscreen to make sure of complete coverage. For more sun safe tips check out our recommend usage and Solar facts page under the Resources and info tab.


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